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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


In the Spring of 1963 we moved from town to our little farm in the country. We had fifteen acres of fields, woods and a creek for the kids to play in. I let them have all the fun they could find, and oh boy did they ever find it!

They got wet and muddy in the creek, and they climbed the huge evergreens which nearly scared the life out of me.
They ran through the fields of buttercups and daisies, and picked wild mushrooms and tiny wild blackberries with me.

They went barefoot a lot of the time and they got so dirty you couldn't see the suntans, but they loved it there and they thrived.

In this picture there was a hayer working the field. The kids climbed onto the coral fence to watch, but baby Mikey, who was just a year and a half old, didn't have long enough legs so sister Kathy lifted him.

Mikey's pants were always sort of dragging as you can see.
I have always loved this picture, dirty clothes, messy hair, buttocks and all!
It reminds me of a happy time when things were simpler.

(The four on the right are mine. I don't have a clue who the other one is)
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