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Monday, August 21, 2006


This little sweetheart is my third daughter, miss Cyndra Ellen. When she was around three, as she is in this picture, I asked her and her two older sisters what they wanted to be when they grew up. Patty-Jo wanted to be a teacher, Kathy-Sue wanted to be a mommie and Cyndi Lynn calmly announced, I'm going to be the queen."
She was a very shy and quiet child, so when she crawled beneath my mother's kitchen table where mom and my aunt were having coffee, and bit my aunt's hand bloody and made her scream and cry, I was absolutely mortified.
When I asked Cyndi why she did that, she replied, "I don't like that lady."
It is sometimes difficult to teach our children that just because we don't like someone we don't have the right to bite them, although I have to admit there have been a few times.......
When Cyndi became the mother of a darling daughter, we saw history repeating itself.

Meet Ramblin Rose. Actually Miranda Rose. She is one of the sweetest children imaginable. However like the little girl in the poem, when she was good she was very, very good, and when she was, shall we say unusual, well,.... sometimes I laughed harder than ever! She grew up in Southern California and sometimes her parents flew her and her brother to spend summers with me in Northwest Washington.
One day when she was around four, I was in my yard, on my knees, pulling weeds. Miranda came up beside me and for a time was silent. Then she whispered, "Grandma, I think I see your brain." The dear child could see my scalp through my thinning hair. I nearly made a mudpie out of my self from laughing so hard.
Another time when she was around five, I was visiting them in California. Their mommie told them that grandma didn't have very much money so they were going to give me a wonderful time.
One evening we went out to eat and after a lovely meal, as we were exiting the restaurant, we found Miranda standing in front of the building, arms out in front of her, hands cupped, chanting, "money for the poor, money for the poor." I thought my horrified daughter was going to blow a gasket!
I am still laughing over that one.
My Cyndi is now a grandma and this little tease is her granddaughter Hailee.
One day last spring while Cyndi was bending over, pulling weeds, this precious little girl, was looking up at her grandma and saw the folds of loose skin that tend to droop as we age. She sadly announced to her "Grandma, I think you are growing another face."

Actually Cyndi is a very beautiful grandma. I will post a new picture of her soon.
I have a whole book full of funnies that my family have said or done. Maybe I'll post a few now and then.
I hope my tales have given you a laugh and lightened your load a bit.

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