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Thursday, August 17, 2006


ETYMOLOGY: Old English "bean" from Germanic, a legume picked when immature.

DESCRIPTION: Bean refers to the fruit, the pod and seeds.

The bean was born in the hot regions of the Americas, India and China. It was introduced to France by Conquistidors about 1597. For a long time rare and expensive, this vegetable became widespread only in the 19th century. The French were first to put green beans on their menus.

They were my mothers favorite vegetable. She always had them in her garden and usually cooked them with pre-fried bacon just until they were tender.
My mother-in-law just tossed her snipped and snapped beans together with raw bacon and started cooking them in the morning, letting them simmer until suppertime. By then they resembled a pot of green mush. This was the Colonial way to cook them.

I like mine freshly picked from my own back yard, no chemicals, and only well composted grass clippings for fertilizer.
I like knowing that my hands are the only ones that have touched them.
For many years I cooked mine just like Mom did hers, but I have learned a few new ways that I like.
I think my favorite at the present time is to steam them for about five minutes, then stirfry them with a little olive oil and minced fresh garlic (also from my garden) Yes there is a difference in flavor. I like them crunchy with a little salt and freshly ground pepper.

I think I will have some for supper.

What is your favorite way to cook green beans?
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