Holy Tornado

To see the soul of your comrade listen carefully to his music.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Please remember and keep in your prayers
all of the brave men and women who are serving in our military.

Each time you sit down at the dinner table with your family, remember there are many tables with an empty chair. Some will be occupied again, some will not.

I urge you to pray from the very depths of your heart, not just your brain or your mouth.
When You pray for these men and women, pray as though he/she were your very own child.
Let your heart remember
The tiny infant you held to your breast, the toddler you chased endlessly, the child in school who brought you dozens of pictures, the teenager who nearly drove you nuts, and possibly the young adult who has chosen to serve in our military in order to make our world a safer place.

For each member of our military there is a parent who's heart is both breaking and also filled with pride and wonder at the incredibly unselfish child they have raised and love so well.

Dear Lord in Heaven, We ask you to walk beside our brave Troops, send your angels to do battle with them and send your Holy Spirit to give them peace, and to comfort their souls.
Father, bring them home safely to the arms of their loved ones, and Lord please especially remember your sweet Texas boy.
In Jesus name, Amen
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