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Friday, August 25, 2006



The purpose of this post is so you can know me better. The challenge is for you to do a similar post so we can know you better too.

I was born January 22, 1939 in Bellingham, WA., the oldest of three
daughters. I have lived my entire life in Bellingham.
I was born into a Christian family and when I was fourteen I was Baptized into the Christian faith. In the years since then, my faith in Jehovah God has grown as he has worked miracle after miracle in my life.
In September of 1955 I married a neighbor boy. He was almost twenty , I was sixteen. To this marriage were born my greatest blessings.

Patty-Jo was born September 1956, Kathy-Sue on September 1957, I lost a baby in 1958, Cyndi-Lynn was born in 1959, Michael was born in January 1961, I lost a baby girl I named Angie in January 1962, and Shawn was born in August 1969


Jerry and I separated in 1970, just after the baby's first birthday and were divorced a year later.
I married a second time about two years later and stuck it out for nine years. That marriage also ended in divorce about twenty-five years ago.
(Don't condemn me for divorce. Only God knows the circumstances)
I have not been in a relationship since then. Either I am not a good wife or I just don't know how to pick husbands!
Sometimes it's lonely, but I have my precious Lord God, my loving children and my dear little Yorkie's to hug. And there are my sweet blog friends too.

I lost my oldest son Michael, September of 1991, due to an auto accident. He left a lovely wife and three beautiful children. I miss him always, and I know we will be together again.
I have always loved plants and have a large yard full of flowers. As I have gotten older and the upkeep gets more difficult, I have been filling my back deck with several flowering plants. My latest love is Epiphyllum's (Orchid Cactus) Check them out on the Internet and you will see why.

I used to have veggie gardens and did a lot of canning and freezing, but this year I stopped and only have my green beans. I just want to have some fun now and not work so hard.


I have loved photography since I was around nine, when my folks gave me my first camera. This is the very first picture I ever took. The little dolly is Betsy and she is wearing a jacket and bonnet that my mother crocheted for her. I have had many camera's since this one and have a collection of thousands of pictures to prove it.
Now I have a Fugi FinePix S602Zoom digital and oh boy am I ever having a good time!


More to follow

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