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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

Look what’s coming to my town this week!
Am I going to be there? You bet your britches I am. Patty-Jo is taking me, and all my family who can, will go.
So if you are there too and you see a gray haired lady waving old glory, with her hand over her heart, and singing “AMERICA" at the top of her lungs, and pledging allegiance to the flag “UNDER GOD,” it’s me.
Ok Patty-Jo, so I will try to be less conspicuous. But can I please have a flag?

Excerpt from the Lynden Tribune:
"An 80 percent to scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. will be on display in Bellingham next week. The wall is the larger of two replicas and is part of the American Veterans Traveling Tribute, which pays homage to American war veterans.

The wall will arrive in Bellingham accompanied by approximately 1,000 volunteer escorts on motorcycles Wednesday, July 12 at 7:15 p.m., said Shelly Prentice, Bellingham resident and organizer of the visit.
Prentice said she was passionate about bringing the wall to Bellingham, despite the city's liberal reputation, because she does not feel veterans receive enough honor or respect in America.
"There is more support for sports than for veterans in the United States," she said. "There's something wrong with that."
The wall is not about politics or supporting or not supporting the president, Prentice said. It is about honoring the veterans who fought in American wars."