Holy Tornado

To see the soul of your comrade listen carefully to his music.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


After shopping today I came to a very busy intersection, where I had a wait for the light to change. There were probably around 24 or so cars gathered , all waiting to be on their way.

Two women standing at the side of the street held a large white banner, and written in red it said, "get the hell out of Iraq."
A man standing beside them held a cardboard sign saying "Honk to impeach."

We have freedom of speech, and actions too it seems. They wanted to make a statement.
What I am wondering about is the 'Honk to impeach" sign. What good would a honk do?

It's interesting that the entire time I was at that intersection with all those cars, only one driver honked, and because there were so many cars there was no way to know which one it was.

It seems to me that praying for our country's leaders would do a lot more good than honking a horn.