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Monday, June 12, 2006


Ken over at Squamata Report has an important post up. In fact he has inspired me to post my two cents worth as well.

Disrespect for our flag has been a pretty hot issue for a while now.
I don't see why there ever should have been any question.
The flag of ones country is a symbol what that country stands for
Myself, I have always though it meant FREEDOM.
Freedom to worship as I please
Freedom to own a piece of land and farm it if I choose.
Freedom from slavery.
Freedom to vote.
And many more.
(These are all reasons my ancestors left their homelands, and came to America).
Many of my forefathers went to war and died so that I can have these rights.
All the freedoms we have are God given, and backed up by the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

When I was a child we always sang the song, “America” in school. Even as a six year old, when we sang the last line of the first verse, “LET FREEDOM RING.” It totally thrilled my soul. I thought it meant that when the bell rang I would have FREEDOM OF RECESS.

But I also remembered this song being sung when we heard that the war was over, as my family and neighbors gathered outside their homes, laughing and crying, shouting and singing. I knew then, without a doubt that it was an honorable song.

I learned a new kind of reverence as my teacher taught us the pledge of allegiance, standing with our hand over our heart. She was serious and there was no fooling around or you got the ruler. Her firmness added to my respect for our flag and country.

At parades and other places our flag was displayed, we ALWAYS placed our hand over our heart until it had passed. It was showing respect and allegiance. This was not unusual, it was the norm. If someone didn’t show respect for our flag, we knew they were a ‘commie.’
This may seem brash, but I do believe the first time an American flag was shown disrespect in any way, the perpetrator should have been severely disciplined as the traitor they are.

However, If burning the flag, or urinating on it is considered freedom of speech, even though it is a physical act and no spoken word did the damage, then it seems any physical act I perform can be considered freedom of speech.
Hmmmm, so does that mean I can legally go slap the stuffing out of the ACLU members, or urinate on them?
Or, does that mean that the terrorist acts we are seeing are also legal, and considered ‘freedom of speech? I think you get my drift.

Our country’s leaders have forgotten a important word. “UNITED.” When they begin to dissect the constitution of the United States of America, and allow each individual state make their own ‘amendments’ to our Constitution, we are no longer united. We have simply become States of America.
Isn’t there something important about being united?
In the New Testament of the Holy Bible Luke 11:17…Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth.
Abraham Lincoln Quoted this verse in his House Divided Speech.