Holy Tornado

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Sometimes my blog tends to get a little bogged down with some of lifes more serious issues. Helen has asked for some pictures of my flower gardens which seems like the best way I know to lighten things up, so here we go.
This is my upper pond, which USED to have fish in it until a Blue Heron made that discovery. I'm sure glad that long legged cannibal doesn't like my flowers!
I call this my Patty Rose. My daughter with that name, snagged (with permission) a twig from a beautiful plant we saw as we were driving one day. I managed to get it started and it has grown quite large and blooms profusely. The incredible fragrance is a big bonus! I love Canterbury Bells. Unfortunately they are a biennial, getting the growth the first year and blooming the second. I prefer perennials but once in a while it's worth the extra fuss to have something I really enjoy. This little area was so full of color that I took a picture from inside the house as well as this one. The double yellow Hollyhocks looked good enough to eat. I called them Lemon Chiffon.
The purple Clematis , pink roses and lavender Mallow made for a lovely color combination.
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