Holy Tornado

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Monday, June 12, 2006


This is where I live. In a woodsy valley, high above the city below.
In five minutes I can be at the salt water, or a lake. In 25 minutes I can be at the rushing Nooksack River. Out my back door I can be in the woods, infested with snakes, raccoons, deer, cougars and probably bear too.

I am free to drive, or walk anywhere I please.
I can attend any church I choose.
I can vote for whom ever I wish.
I can go to the mall and not be afraid of being attacked by terrorists.
I can tell my President what I think and I can tell Hillary to go suck an egg.
We have freedom here in the United States Of America, because there are brave men and women who have chosen to fight for that freedom.
We also have honor.

You see I have Old Glory proudly waving from my front porch. I didn't ask my neighbors if they approve. It doesn't matter. I am free to show respect for what I believe in.
Do I worship the flag? Gosh no! I do honor her and what she stands for.

If you don't like our flag, it's ok. You have that right, but I wouldn't try urinating on it if I were you. You see we have a strange wind here. It comes off the water and would blow your urine right back at ya.

Honor our country, display your flag.

Happy Flag Day!
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