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Friday, June 09, 2006


A friend in Canada sent me this. She didn't find it on TruthorFiction so It may be true.
"A woman was sitting beside her daughter Kylin, and her daughters friend while the little girls were having the candy in the picture, which you spray into your mouth. This one is called "BIG MOUTH CANDY SPRAY' AND SAYS 'SOUR' AT THE TOP. This one is sour green apple but there are other flavors.

The kids wondered what it would be like if they took the top off and had a sip instead of spraying it.
(This is a very typical thing for a kid to do. The FDA knows it.)

Kylin began gasping for air and was not breathing. She was having Laryngospasm, which is a 'sudden, accute spasm of the vocal cords (and epiglottis)' that can result in occlusion of the airway and death.
Kylin's airways closed and for a time she was not able to breathe. An ambulance was called, and she was able to breathe again but it took two hours before her throat was back to normal.

There are other brands of this type of candy. I don't know if they all have the same hazzards. I'd play it safe and not allow the children to buy any of it. Make sure they know the danger.

I have always been amazed at how many poisonous and or dangerous items the FDA allows on the grocery shelves.
It's all about the bucks!

If only all the candy makers could be as conscientious as the makers of Lifesavers, who deliberately make a hole in the center of their hard candies incase one is stuck in the airway.
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