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Friday, May 19, 2006


At twelve-thirty this morning my dogs woke me up with a chorus of ear shattering barking. When all attempts to quiet them failed, I went to the back door (a slider) to see what had caused all the ruckus.
There, sitting on the deck rail was the biggest raccoon I have ever seen. It was more like the size of a small bear. (we grow em big around these parts)
Actually it just looked that big because it was at eye level.

Between the dogs barking and seeing me through the glass it very slowly climbed down and I thought it had left. I went back to bed and had just begun to drift off, when once again the dogs loud barking brought me back to reality. By this time I am very short of patience so yelled at the dogs to shut up, and then opened the door a crack and yelled at the raccoon too. Once again it left.

I am very ready for sleep by now, and barely pull the blanket over me when the dogs are at it again.
By now I am just plain mad. I put them in their kennels (in the house). grab my broom and go out to the deck and beat the living daylights out of that dang raccoon! Boy was I ever mad. It left in a hurry this time, probably terror stricken. It did not come back.

I had a problem with raccoons about a year and a half ago, so I borrowed a box trap and caught one. Unfortunately it was on Thanksgiving morning when I discovered a baby coon inside, scratching it's paws bloody trying to get out. And on the outside was it's mama also scratching her paws bloody trying to get to it's baby. Shucks! Whats a body to do.
Yes I let it go, and now it's probably the one that is causing me to suffer from sleep deprivation now. Lord have mercy!

Raccoons look so cute and cuddly, especially the babies. But remember they are a wild animal and have the instincts of one. And besides, they stink.
I know a man who fed one on his back porch regularly from the time it was a baby. The coon would take food right from his hand. This went on for several months. Then one night the coon, then full grown, grabbed his arm with it's claws and ripped the muscle from his forearm. I guess it wanted some fresh meat.

Raccoons carry many diseases including rabies. They harbor roundworm in their intestines which can be picked up by humans through raccoon feces left in your yard. Roundworms burrow into the brain. Not a nice ending.

Observe from a distance, keep pet food inside and trash locked up tight.
If all else fails grab your broom.
If you want to see a raccoon, go to a zoo or see them in the internet.
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