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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


This picture is from an old catalog advertising their leading value. It says, "Designed to improve the slender figure, medium high bust, rather short hips, made of good quality coutil, well boned throughout with non rusting tipped steels incased in satin finished sterling cloth. Has five hook front clasp and front hose supporters.

Top is trimmed with dainty lace drawn with baby ribbon.
Colors, white or drab. Size 18 to 30.
Be sure to give us your size and color wanted.
Price .47 cents
Postage extra, .16 cents."

I could do another post about the corset price and the postage but what I am focusing on today is how anyone could have thought that maiming and crippling are beautiful. The Chinese bound their baby's feet, Ubanges slit open their lip and insert a wooden plate, increasing the size until I can't imagine how they can talk and I'm certain they can't kiss without getting slivers and bruised.

It seems that every culture has some devilish torture they practice in the name of 'beauty.'
Then there were the Victorian ladies who thought they had to rearrange their internal and external organs, as well as their bone structure. by wearing tight lacing corsets which were lined with steel or whale bone stays.
Their rib cages became so horribly deformed that many times their lungs, heart and liver were severly damaged sometimes causing death, and frequently causing fainting. Do you know what lack of oxygen does to the brain?
I have seen pictures of women who have had their breasts shoved up so high under their chin that it looked like they had a double goiter.

I'm thankful that we civilized people don't do these things anymore.
I did see an ad for modern day corsets which are a far cry from the old ones. I wouldn't post a picture of one. They are not exactly modest, and I doubt they are used to make a 35 inch waist a 20 inch.

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