Holy Tornado

To see the soul of your comrade listen carefully to his music.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Ok, today was better. Sort of. My son in law brought the washer and dryer I bought, and installed them. He even disabled the obnoxious dryer buzzer that scares the stuffing out of me when the cycle is finished.
After he left I did a load of wash. The hose connection is leaking. I will get new hoses.
No problem. I think. I hope. I pray!!!!!

I made mac n' cheese for supper. When I removed the kettle from the burner I noticed a crack in the burner. It's an electric range. I need to replace the burner.

Now considering all the problems I am having with appliances and faucets I should be pretty fed up. And at times it does get to me, but then I remember back when I was first married and didn't have a washing machine of any kind. I had to scrub clothes in the bath tub, then hang them out on the clothesline to dry. If it was winter they froze solid, so I strung up clothesline's in the house. You gotta have diapers, disposables hadn't been invented and I couldn't have afforded them if they were.

The faucets could be a problem, but they can and will be fixed. I remember one snowy winter back in the 60's when we had a well and the pump broke. It took two weeks to get it fixed. During that time, with four little kids to bathe and toilet, etc, not to mention hubby and me, we needed water. So I put a large milk can on the kids sled and pulled it about a half mile down the hill to the creek, filled the can then pulled it back to the house. It usually took two trips a day. Where there's a will there's a way.

As for the burner on my range. There are still three to use and I never use them all anyway so I won't be missing it. I'll find a replacement soon.
I remember the wood cookstoves I have used. They were hard work. Chopping and hauling wood, and feeding that hungry thing sure kept me hopping. However, there will never be a loaf of homemade bread comparable to that taken from a wood cookstove. Most people don't realize that electricity has an odor and a flavor. It ruins the bread. Lots of other foods too.

Tomorrow is Sunday, the Lords day. I know it will be good.
Actually, every day is the Lord's day around here.
I just wish my appliances knew it.