Holy Tornado

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Just because your washer leaves a puddle on the floor doesn't mean it has a leaky hose, or tub, or anything!
Thanks to advise from my Patty-Jo, I checked the "DRAIN' and discovered it was plugged. I fashioned a metal clothes hanger with a hook on the end and rammed the plug out. Now my new washer is working beautifully.
I learned that lint can collect in the drain and stop the thing up. Never knew that before and never had it happen in all these years!

A young woman at Home Depot told me that her family ties a nylon sock over the end of the drain hose to collect the lint. I'm not sure how often it need to be cleaned.

Well now you know what to check first if your washer leaves puddles on your floor.
My old washer was just fine, just old, but it was time for a change anyway.