Holy Tornado

To see the soul of your comrade listen carefully to his music.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

For the past several years, I have been trying to encourage my daughter, Patty-Jo to lock her doors.
When she lived in SanDiego she always locked her doors, but she lived at the border and there were swarms of illegals crawling over her fence constantly. when she moved back home she 'felt safe.' After all, she wasn't close to the Mexican border anymore.

Patty raises the cutest little Coton de Tulear dogs. She is as protective over them as a mama lion over her cubs. Her dogs live in her home with her and are very loved.

A few nights ago, when she was sleeping, her dogs began to bark, They wouldn't stop so she got up to scold them but when she opened her bedroom door there was a strange man in her living room.

She told me that she didn't scream or faint or do any of the other ladylike things generally associated with such an event. Instead, it made her mad and she yelled, "WHAT IN H--L ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?"
The man, who was hispanic and wearing a blue bandana on his head, said , "I'm Smoky " Patty repeated, "I DON'T GIVE A D--N WHO YOU ARE, WHAT IN H--L ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?"
The man was in his twenties and smelled like a brewery.
He told her there were a lot of people in her back yard having a party and tried to get her to go out back with him. Patty called her husband then. When hubby heard her, he thought he was dreaming and went back to sleep.
The second time she called him, he came flying down the stairs, but the stranger had fled out the back door.

Patty then called the police who responded with several cars and the K-9 as well. They didn't find the man but did find his blue bandana in her back yard.

The next day Patty discovered that this jerk had gone through her car as well and left her things scattered all over.

She isn't shook up, but she is mad as a wet hen.
I don't blame her.
From the color of his bandana we can assume he was a member of the Crip gang.

Patty I am so sorry this happened. I know you thought that when you moved back home you would be rid of these undesireable, cheating, thieves. Now here they are walking right into your house.
I'm glad you lock your doors now.
I think you need some kind of protection.
I will gladly show you how to use it.

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