Holy Tornado

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Saturday, March 25, 2006


I found an interesting site tonight and just have to share a bit. I won’t have to remind you that these old remedies are NOT to be tried!

1. Washing the face of a child with urine of its own manufacture is said to make it handsome.

2. Certain Spanish people use urine to cleanse their teeth.

3. The Holland Dutch use it to give a special tint to cheese.

4. Bedsores-If you lay the axe under the bed it may prevent bedsores; if you have no axe, draw a picture of one!

5. Fried mouse, or mouse pie, cures bedwetting; also, if burned to ashes, and the ashes secretly put into coffee, tea, or other drink, will cure.

6. Constipation-(We like this cure): Get a chicken, nice or otherwise kill it without shedding blood; boil it, feathers and all and make soup out of it--this, when eaten, will cure constipation.

7. Drunkard-If you scrape the dirt collected under his fingernails and put same into whiskey, which the drunkard will gladly drink, it will cure him of his nasty habit.

8. Felon-(a painful infection at the end of fingers or toes) lf you place your finger between the door and the jamb, and someone closes the door, it will cure the felon.

9. Headache-If you would prevent headache, or toothache, you must form the habit of putting on your right stocking, first, your right shoe, etc.

And last but not least…………..

10. Hiccoughs-Bend forward so that the hands touch the ground and say: "O hiccough, I wish that you were in my buttocks.'

There are many more but this will probably do you for a while!