Holy Tornado

To see the soul of your comrade listen carefully to his music.

Monday, March 20, 2006


This is Barnabas wearing a hat my mother crocheted. He has been gone almost a year now, and I still miss him even though I have two adorable Yorkies to keep me company.
He was big, a mix breed, German Shepherd, Boxer and Bull Mastiff, weighing 122 pounds, and as gentle as a lamb, but was an excellent guard dog. He seemed to enjoy being dressed up, but maybe he just tolerated it to please me.

Last night I dreamed he was with me again and he laid his big head on my leg so I would pet him. This dream was so real, as they sometimes are, and as I was petting him I could feel his warmth and even smell his obnoxious doggy odor. But the thing that has stayed with me so strongly this morning, is that I could also feel the mental or spiritual connection or what ever it is, that only another pet lover would understand. It is difficult to explain, but I suppose some might call it a kind of extrasensory perception.
There is no need for words, but there is a knowing. Like many times I would be watching TV and I would think to myself, "it's time to feed Barney." The next thing I knew he was standing before me waiting to be fed, without me saying a word about it. He "told" me when he had to go outside. If I was in the computer room and he needed to go he would tell me even though he was in the kitchen waiting by the door.

Yes, I know by now you must think that Mountain Mama has lost her marbles, but what I'm telling you is true. I hope other pet owners will share their similar experiencs.

In my dream, I knew Barnabas was dead, but he was 'visiting' me and I could enjoy him for a time. I knew he would have to leave again but it was ok, because I also knew that he would only be as far away as a dream.

Today I feel lifted because I was able to hug my Barney one more time.
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