Holy Tornado

To see the soul of your comrade listen carefully to his music.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


One day a few weeks ago I was struck with a suffocating case of cabin fever. My thermometer registered 22 degrees and the wind was fairly strong, but in my desperation to see something besides four walls, I bundled up, grabbed my camera and ventured out into a frigid winter world.

I drove to Boulevard Park which is on Bellingham Bay and less than five minutes from my house.
The waves were splashing with a vengeance against the rocky shoreline as a couple brave seagulls soared and glided over the water looking for a snack. There were no boats in sight, the buoys clanged and bounced looking like fat little men in red shirts doing a most joyful song and dance routine.

As I scouted the horizon for a picture my fingers began to ache from the cold and my nose was so iced I couldn't tell if it was running. (it was!)
Determined I would not return home without a few shots, I set her on auto and started shooting. The snowy mountains in Canada were glorious with the sun shining on them but too far away to shoot without a tripod, so I focused on what was around me.
My final shot was this forlorn looking and very naked tree. It stood proud and determined as its iced, stiff branches crackled in the wind.

I thought I would break in half when I bent to get into my car, I turned the heat and fan to high and thawed out a few minutes before driving home.
Home at last to my cozy little cottage, the fire glowing an enticing welcome where I promptly warmed my backside.
A hot cup of tea, my soft recliner and two adorable pups warming my legs, Mmmmmmmm There's No Place Like Home!
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