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Friday, February 17, 2006

Never underestimate the intelligence of your child. Forget about the many times you were tempted to rush him to a psychologist because you were absolutely certain he was a few bricks short.
We have a way to go to keep up with our kidlets.

Did you know that they lay in bed at night and think up ways to manipulate us? They plan ways to trick us and use us to their advantage to get things they want, and sometimes just to prove to themselves that they are smarter than m0m and dad.
And after they have succeeded they hide in their closet and laugh until they pee their pants because we 'fell for it again!'

The little boy in the picture is my youngest child, Shawn Darren. He was a tricky little fellow.
One day after his Friday kindergarten class he said to me, "do you know what I'm going to take for show and tell on Monday?" I said, "No, what?"
He gave me a big dimpled smile and answered, "I'm going to take my new pop-gun."
I asked , "what pop gun, you don't have one." With a twinkle in his big green eyes he answered, "The one you are going to get me."

That was the first I heard about getting him a pop gun.
See what I mean? Our kids are much more intelligent than we give them credit for.
So extend your parental antenna and be ready to pick up every frequency.
You won't believe how many they use!

All kidding aside, kids are smart, and yes he got a pop gun.
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