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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Occassionally we can be blessed beyond all expectations by a particular book. The book that has touched my spirit is an old, dilapitated, hardcover copy of 'The Beautiful Tree Of Life' written by H. S. Smith and published by B. F. Johnson & Co., Richmond, Virginia in 1892. This company published many military histories, however I have not been able to find my book listed among their credits.
The introduction says, in part,
"Many, many years ago, as a child, the attention of the writer was especially called to a very crude picture of the Tree Of Life, representing it as bearing varieties of fruit which are produced by every Christian life.

The picture made an indelible impression on his mind, and he has long been endeavoring to bring forth in his own life and work the various fruits, which go toward the making-up of a well-developed Christian life and character.

Although he has fallen short of his aspirations, and often finds himself in the "Slough of Despond" and deeply mortified at his failures and shortcomings, still he believes that he is better off for having tried to fulfill what he believed God's will.

The strong impression made by the picture he saw and the suggestion contained in it, grew in him until he longed to place them in a more beautiful and enduring form before others.

The results are shown in the pages of this book where he has endeavored to gather from many sources the brightest gems treating on the different phases of Christian life and character.
Intended as a book 'for use' a bright and ever-helpful and entertaining companion--whether we are basking in the fullness of Christian sunshine and life, and rejoicing with those who rejoice, or whether we are in sadness or sorrow, weeping with those who weep."

Because I have such a great fondness for this book, I hope to share certain parts which have encouraged and blessed me, in my future posts.

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