Holy Tornado

To see the soul of your comrade listen carefully to his music.

Saturday, January 07, 2006


This morning my grandson came to visit with his two oldest girls, ages six and four. The youngest who is two, was at home being potty trained by grandma and auntie.
The seven year old is having Ballet lessons and was showing me some of the steps she has learned. I remembered that I had picked up a CD for her entitled, "My First Ballet." It has Swan Lake and Nutcracker Suite among other songs. she asked if we could play it so I popped it into the player and this little ballerina began dancing like someone had wound her up.

I grabbed the old camcorder and proceeded to tape her. Then with a little coaxing, her younger sister joined in and suddenly my livingroom became a stage, with feet and arms flying in all directions. My puppies joined in the fun and I ended up with some really great footage.

I will be working on sewing tu-tu's for all three girls during the next few weeks, Purple, Pink and yellow, and each time they come I will be filming a little more. It is absolutely precious to see these little ones laughing and dancing with such abandon and freedom. They may never know how much joy they brought to their great grandma today. (Thank you David)

My plan is to get them outside in the flower gardens this summer, in tu-tu's with music and take a lot of pictures.

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