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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


When I was a little girl my mother struggled to keep me quiet during Church and Bible study. By the time I was seven or so, with a little 'encouragement,' I had learned about reverence.

When mom was in her late seventies, she began showing the usual signs of aging along with some memory loss, which was sometimes quite profound.
By the time Alzheimer's was diagnosed, she had become like a little girl again. At times it was heartbreaking and at other times it was hillarious.

I learned that it isn't wrong to see the humor in what may otherwise be considered a sad situation. Sometimes laughing can save us from a complete emotional breakdown, and she laughed with me.

It was the times she was so like a little girl that made my heart smile.
This picture was taken during one of our weekly family Bible studies.
Mom is sitting with her elder sister, and throughout the study they sat like two five year olds, whispering secrets and giggling with one another.

I don't remember what chapter we were studying on this particular day, But I will always remember the two elderly ladies, whispering and giggling like the small girls they once were and had once again become.

NOTE: Mom passed away in 2001 at age 82. Her hair never did turn grey.
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