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Thursday, January 19, 2006


Some pups like bones. Mine seem to like money. Especially the paper kind they can rip to bits.
One day a few weeks ago I was busy at the computer for a while. I walked through the livingroom to get a cup of coffee, and noticed little bits of what looked like paper all over the hall and livingroom floor.
I also saw my pups having the time of their life, playing tug of war and ripping something to pieces.

When I got close enough to see exactly what they had, I nearly choked. I don't know where they found it. I am very careful about where I put my money. They made small pieces out of a couple fives. I gathered up all the pieces and taped them together the best I could. There were some pieces missing which I am sure they ate. I had no intention of trying to find those pieces!

I decided to take this picture after I had taped part of one bill together. I put all the pieces on a sheet of copy paper and set it on the floor just to see how my dogs would react. In the photo is my little boy dog, Tudie. He snached the part of the bill I had taped together and shot out of the room like a torpedo. He had absolutely no intention on giving it back to me either. We had a little struggle, and he found out I am the boss!

I taped the patched up bills to the copy paper and took them to the bank. The young man waiting on me, looked at the bills and asked what happened. I simply said, "I have puppies." He didn't laugh but he sure smiled big when he replaced the fives.

My puppies have many toys, they get to run in a huge fenced in back yard every day, they eat the most expensive dogfood as well as treats, they get loved, pampered and played with. I can't imagine why they always want to chew things they shouldn't. They aren't even teething now. Maybe they need more attention.
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