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Saturday, December 31, 2005


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My prayers for a blessed New year to my dear blog friends.
From William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army:

“In answer to your inquiry, I consider that the chief dangers which confront the coming century will be religion without the Holy Ghost, Christianity without Christ, forgiveness without repentance, salvation without regeneration, politics without God, and heaven without hell.”

Thanks to my niece Teresa for this one!!!

Friday, December 30, 2005


This has been around a while but still good reading!

1. The Garden of Eden was in Iraq.
2. Mesopotamia, which is now Iraq, was the Cradle of Civilization!
3. Noah built the Ark in Iraq.
4. The Tower of Babel was in Iraq.
5. Abraham was from Ur, which is in Southern Iraq!
6. Isaac's wife, Rebekah, is from Nahor, which is in Iraq!
7. Jacob met Rachel in Iraq.
8. Jonah preached in Nineveh, which is in Iraq.
9. Assyria, which is in Iraq, conquered the "Ten Tribes of Israel."
10. Amos "cried out" in Iraq!
11. Babylon, which is in Iraq, destroyed Jerusalem.
12. Daniel was in the "Lion's Den" in Iraq!
13. "The Three Hebrew Children" were in the fire in Iraq (Jesus is said to have been in Iraq also, as the fourth person in the "fiery furnace!")
14. Belshazzar, the King of Babylon, saw the "writing on the wall" in Iraq.
15. Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, carried the Jews into captivity in Iraq.
16. Ezekiel preached in Iraq.
17. "The Three Wise Men" were from Iraq.
18. Peter preached in Iraq.
19. The "Empire of Man" described in "Revelation" is called Babylon, which was a city in Iraq!
20. Israel is the nation most often mentioned in the Bible. But do you know which nation is second? It is Iraq! No other nation, except Israel, has more Biblical history and prophecy associated with it than Iraq.
21. The Biblical Names for Iraq are: Babylon, Land of Shinar, and Mesopotamia. The word "Mesopotamia" means "Between the Two Rivers."
22. ...Iraq lies between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.
23. The word "Iraq" means "Country with Deep Roots."

Indeed, Iraq is a country with deep roots, and is of much significance in the Bible.We all realize that the Emblem of the United States of America is the Eagle.The following verse is from the Koran... which is kind of like the "Islamic Bible." Maybe Saddam should have read his Koran more carefully! **Be sure to note the verse number!!!
Koran - 9:11
"For it is written that a son of Arabia would awaken a fearsome Eagle.
The wrath of the Eagle would be felt throughout the lands of Allah.
And lo, while some of the people trembled in despair, still more rejoiced; for the wrath of the Eagle cleansed the lands of Allah; and there was peace."

One would hope that our Soldiers serving in Iraq have the opportunity to read this passage and know that they are "Our Eagles"...and will always be "The Wind Beneath Our Wings."

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Strange Bee

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I have not been able to identify this bee with a metalic gold dome on its thorax and red eyes. Sort of a Sci-Fi looking thing!


The following was sent to me by that great cousin in Idaho.

Enter Mexico illegally. Ignore immigration quotas, visas, international law, and all that nonsense. Once there, demand that the local government provide free medical care for you and your entire family.
Demand that the federal government provide retirement benefits for your elderly parents.
Procreate abundantly. Demand that the Mexican school system provide schooling for all your children.

Speak only English at home and in public and insist that your children do the same. Demand classes on American culture in the Mexican school system.
Demand bilingual nurses and doctors. Demand free bilingual local government forms, bulletins, etc.
Deflect any criticism of this irresponsible behavior with, "It is a cultural United States thing. You would not understand."
Keep your American identity strong. Fly Old Glory from your rooftop; proudly display it in your front window and on your car bumper.

Demand a local Mexican driver's license and then use your new Mexican driver's license to apply for other legal rights and to legitimize your illegal presence in Mexico.
Demand that the Mexican driver's license be acceptable documentation for voter's registration. Insist that local Mexican law enforcement teach English to all its officers.
Insist that you should not have to pay taxes, because you are not a Mexican citizen and are only there "temporarily."

Good luck! You'll be demanding for the rest of time or soon be dead. It will never happen. It will not happen in Mexico or any other country in the world. The only place this happens is right here in the USA!

Friday, December 23, 2005


My Grandson, Jeremy, has a new post up that is very informative. I urge you to check it out. He's been doing his homework and it shows.


This is almost overwhelming when you think about it.
Moses and the people were in the desert, but what was he going to do with them? They had to be fed, and feeding 2 or 3 million people requires a lot of food.

According to the Quartermaster General in the Army, it is reported that Moses would have to have to had 1500 tons of food each day. Do you know that to bring that much food each day, two freight trains, each at least a mile long, would be required!

Besides you must remember, they were out in the desert, so they would have to have firewood to use in cooking the food. This would take 4000 tons of wood and a few more freight trains, each a mile long, just for one day.

And just think, they were forty years in transit.

And oh yes, they would have to have water. If they only had enough to drink and wash a few dishes, it would take 11,000,ooo gallons each day and a freight train with tank cars, 1800 miles long, just to bring water!

And another thing, they had to get across the Red Sea at night. Now, if they went on a narrow path, double file, the line would be 800 miles long and would require 35 days and nights to get through. So there had to be a space in the Red Sea, 3 miles wide so they could walk 5000 abreast to get over in one night.

But then, there is another problem........each time they camped at the end of the day, a campground two-thirds the size of the state of Rhode Island was required, or a total of 750 square miles long...........think of it!

Do you think Moses figured all this out before he left Egypt? I think not!
You see, Moses believed in God. God took care of these things for him.

Now, do you really think God has any problem taking care of all your needs?

(the above was sent to me by a dear friend, I have not done the math, but you can. As for me, I won't bother. I know I have a miraculous God)

Thursday, December 22, 2005


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The character 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' was created for the Montgomery Ward group of department stores
Rudolph came to life in 1939 when the Chicago-based Montgomery Ward company (operators of a chain of department stores) asked one of their copywriters, 34-year-old Robert L. May, to come up with a Christmas story they could give away to shoppers as a promotional gimmick.
May, drawing in part on the tale of The Ugly Duckling and his own background (he was a often taunted as a child for being shy, small, and slight), settled on the idea of an underdog ostracized by the reindeer community because of his physical abnormality: a glowing red nose.
This Christmas song was sung and made popular by another Bigwhitehat cowboy, Gene Autry.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Feeding Hungry Deer

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My cousins in Idaho sent me this picture today. They put out tubs of food for the deer that come to their yard. With everything covered in snow, there isn't much for the deer to eat this time of year, in fact many starve.
I can sure see the heart of the Lord at work here.
I think the blurry long thing in the left side of the picture is an icicle.


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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Kneeling Santa Prayer

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The sleigh was was all packed, the reindeer were fed,
But Santa still knelt by the side of his bed,
"Dear Father, " he prayed, "Be with me tonight.
There's much work to do and my schedule is tight.
My sack will hold toys to grant all kids' wishes.
The supply will be endless like the loaves and the fishes.
I can do all these things, Lord, only through You.
I just need your blessing, then it's easy to do.
I do this only to honor the birth of the One,
That was sent to redeem us, Your most Holy Son.
So to all of my friends, lest Your glory I rob,
Please Lord, remind them who gave me this job."

Thursday, December 15, 2005

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Help Needed

I haven't been able to reduce the size of my photos on Photobucket. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a way to fix it?

Thursday, December 08, 2005


The message of Christmas is not about the proclamation of a holiday or the declaration of a season. It is about the proclamation of a Person and the declaration of Salvation. The birth of the child in the manger was an event that prophets had written about, the people of Israel had spoken about, the patriarchs of old had wondered about, and the angels of God shouted about on that glorious night when Christ was born.
Turn back the clock 2000 years and you will hear no man or angel saying, “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.” What you will hear are the things that spoke of the wonders of His name, the glory of His presence, and the meaning of His birth. You will hear the voice of the angel of the Lord proclaiming to a small band of shepherds the following good news, * “Have I got something to say to you! It’s news that is too good not to be true. It’s news that will flood you with joy from your head to your toes. God has done it! He has sent the One that He has promised to send, the Jewish Messiah, from David’s very seed. Yes, it is Yeshua, God’s Salvation, who has come to save you from your sins.” The news was so exciting that a huge number of angels could no longer contain themselves. In one thunderous voice they shouted out, * “Glory, glory to God in heaven’s highest place. He has sent to earth’s lowly place His gift of perfect peace, and it is now available for all who will believe.”
Why did the angels have such excitement and celebration? We only need to know the names that belong to Him to understand.
Jesus—the One who saves you from your sins and who brings you forgiveness from the past.
Christ—the One sent by God for you; the Messiah, the fulfillment of every promise God has made to you in His word; the only One anointed by God to redeem you.
Immanuel—the One who came from heaven to earth to bring you from earth to heaven; God living in the midst of your life, being with you, and abiding in you.
The Word—the One who formed you in your mother’s womb, brought you into existence, and created you for His eternal purpose.
Dayspring—the One who brought light to your darkness—bringing you the hope of a new day, a new beginning, and a new life.
Wonderful—the One who does wondrous things for you, good things to you, and beautiful things within you.
Prince of Peace—the One who quiets your heart, calms your spirit, and brings rest to your soul.
Counselor—the One who guides your footsteps, leads you in the paths of righteousness, and speaks the love of the Father to your heart.
May all Jesus is, and all He gives, be your true celebration this Christmas and always!

I borrowed this beautiful message from DaySpring Cards, thanks to
Roy Lessin


Yesterday while shopping I saw a little green toy Soldier with a tag tied to its foot saying, "Bring me home for Christmas." Someone had put this together and was placing them on shelves at stores in our town.
My first thought was, "Oh yes", then I remembered that if they weren't over there fighting, we may not have a home for long.
"Heavenly Father bless and protect our brave troops and give guidance and wisdom to our nation's leaders. Amen"

This morning I visited GM Roper and found this poem.

The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light,I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight.
My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, my daughter beside me, angelic in rest.
Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, transforming the yard to a winter delight.
The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, completed the magic that was Christmas Eve.

My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, secure and surrounded by love I would sleep.
In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, so I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream.
The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, but I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear.
Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow.

My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear, and I crept to the door just to see who was near.
Standing out in the cold and dark of the night, a lone figure stood, his face weary and tight.
A Soldier, I puzzled, some twenty years old, perhaps a Marine, huddled here in the cold.
Alone in the dark, he looked up and smiled, standing watch over me, my wife and my child.

"What are you doing?" I asked without fear, "come in this moment, it's freezing out here."
Put down your pack, brush the snow from your sleve, you should be at home on a cold Christmas Eve!"
For barely a moment I saw his eyes shift, away from the cold and the snow blown in drifts..
To the window that danced with a warm fire's light, then he sighed and he said, " it's really alright, I'm out here by choice, I'm here every night.

"It's my duty to stand at the front of the line, that separates you from the darkest of times.
No one had to ask or beg or implore, I'm proud to stand here like my father's before me.
My gramps died at 'Pearl on a day in December," then he sighed, "thats a Christmas 'Gram always remembers."
My dad stood his watch in the jungles of 'Nam, and now it's my turn and so here I am."

I've not seen my own son in more than a while, but my wife sends me pictures, he's sure got her smile."
Then he bent and he carefully pulled from his bag, the red, white and blue....an American flag.
"I can live through the cold and being alone, away from my family my house and my home.
I can can stand at my post in the rain and the sleet, I can sleep in a foxhole with little to eat.

I can carry the weight of killing another, or laydown my life with my sister and brother,
Who stand at the front against any and all, to ensure for all time that this flag will not fall.
So go back inside," he said, "harbor no fright, your family is waiting and I'll be alright."
"But isn't there something I can do, at the least give you money," I asked,
"or prepare you a feast?"

It seems all too little for all that you've done, for being away from your wife and your son."
Then his eye welled a tear that held no regret, "just tell us you love us, and never forget
To fight for our rights back at home while we're gone, to stand your own watch, no matter how long,
For when we come home, either standing or dead, to know you remember we fought and we bled.

It's payment enough, and with that we will trust, that we mattered to you as you mattered to us."

Monday, December 05, 2005

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Sunday, December 04, 2005


One Christmas season, when I was a around eight years old, my sunday school teacher brought out an old tin birthday cake. It was a dirty cream color and the paint was badly chipped. She put a candle on top and told the class we were to sing happy birthday to Jesus.
Her intentions were good, but she broke my heart. How could she offer our Lord an icky old tin cake? I left in tears and vowed to dear little baby Jesus that someday I would make him a pretty cake.

when I was a small girl I saw a picture of a lovely 16th birthday cake in one of mother's magazines. I was so taken by the picture that I cut it out and saved it. (I still have it) When my oldest daughter, Patty-Jo turned 16, I made that cake for her.
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When I was about twelve I began to do some serious cooking and baking. One of my favorite recipes was on the Hershey's cocoa can for a Chocolate Fudge Cake with a special frosting. We had a wood burning cookstove back then and I burnt a lot of cakes as I was learning to regulate the oven temperature. We got used to that charred flavor.

Over the years I have made more cakes that I can count, I had my own business and still do them occassionally.
Below are a few of them.
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Now I am sure that you know about over confidence. We all get an attack of it at times.
Last year, a cousin I had not seen in many years was coming to visit. I planned a nice lunch and invited my sister to come and join us.
For desert, I decided to make that wonderful chocolate Fudge cake from the cocoa can.
I followed the recipe explicitly with all the confidence in the world. I have been making this same cake for fifty three years. What could go wrong?

It looked perfect when it came from the oven, turned out of the pans without sticking and cooled nicely. I used a new frosting recipe that I believed would compliment the cake.
I spread the rich chocolatey frosting on the first layer and put the second layer on. Then I carefully poured frosting over the top of the cake and let it drizzle down the sides to get that lovely look we see in magazines.

From here on out it was like a nightmare. In slow motion, one side section was sort of pulling away from the center, leaving a crevasse which grew deeper and deeper, then another side and another. I watched in horror, as the sides, one at a time, pulled away from the center. My cake lay down and died right before my eyes.
In all my life I have never seen anything like it.
I could have gone to the bakery but decided to serve my Earthquake cake. My company got a good laugh and the cake was yummy!
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So what went wrong?
The cake was so tender and fluffy that the frosting was too heavy for it. It needed a whipped icing.
Also the center was just a bit warm.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


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She wasn’t wrapped in furs and jewels for she was not wealthy in worldly goods.
She wore plaid housedresses and black clunky shoes, corsets with long stockings, and hairnets.
She didn’t belong to social clubs, and had no desire to sit amongst the so-called elite of the city. She preferred lunching at the ‘poor’ part of town where she could buy a meal for a newfound friend who was down and out and share her love of Jesus.
She never shopped at fancy stores, but found second hand stores more to her liking.
Grandma never spoke badly of anyone, but always found something nice to say.

She wasn’t shaped like a model; She was short and round, soft and warm.
She hadn’t much to give but lovingly gave what she had to anyone in need.
When she ran out of family, friends or things to pray for she prayed for hours for our boys overseas.
She always ‘had time’ for her grandchildren. She told them ghost stories, and made peanut brittle and potato soup for them. When they were lonely or tired she would sit them in her soft lap and rock them while singing old Scottish and Irish songs.

Her little house was always warm with the smell of apple peels toasting on top of her wood range.
Her apron which hung around her neck and tied in back, held green beans and tomatoes from the garden, and shiny red apples from the old tree behind her house, and always had a hanky in the pocket, to dry the tears or ‘blow’ noses of the little ones.

I never heard her say a bad word, but once she heard me say one, and looking very disappointed in me, she simply said, “I wouldn’t have in my hand what you just had in your mouth.” It was enough.
I washed my own mouth out repeatedly with a soapy washcloth, trying to wash away the shame. It broke my heart that I had displeased her.

There is so much to tell about this fine lady that I could write a book. Maybe I will.
We all have someone in our live who holds a very special place.

I was inspired to share my Grandma, after reading a precious tribute to his grandfather by Bigwhitehat.
Thanks much Bigwhitehat.


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Guess we will be thinking twice before we try to catch snowflakes on our tongue!