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Sunday, October 09, 2005

MINUTEMEN: Addition To Our Troops

For all those who so vehemently disagree with the Minutemen guarding our borders:
1. Does the word 'ILLEGAL' mean anything to you? If you are a law abiding citizen, it should.
Webster's definition: illegal, PROHIBITED by law, AGAINST the law.
(The Minutemen are NOT breaking the law, the illegal aliens are)

2. Legals come through government patroled border crossings, with proper documentation on their person. Some illegals try. Other illegals are found sneaking through the woods and trespassing private property endangering the lives of everyone involved.

3. I and most who approve the Minutemen do not have a problem with LEGAL immigration.
When my American and Canadian ancestors immigrated, they did so legally, and guess what, the Native Americans in Massachusetts welcomed them.
There were laws and rules then too, and they were expected to be obeyed. Lawbreakers were harshly disciplined in the early days, which is how it should be now.

4. It is the responsibility of the American government to secure our borders and provide protection for the American people as well as the legal aliens who visit here.
It is obvious the government is NOT providing that protection. 9-11 is only one example of their failure.
We are told the lack of security is due to a lack of funds. If this is so, then I would like to know how they can send yet another ship to the moon for funzies to the tune of Billions of the taxpayers money, meanwhile illegals are pouring into the USA, many of which are terrorists, hell bent on the destruction of America and Canada as well. Guess what friend, you and I, we the people, are America and Canada.
Someone has to cover our backs. If this group of men and women have the fortitude to try, you should be applauding them and be thankful they may be stopping the terrorist who would like to blow your arse off.

5. When I visit a blog and do not agree with the contents, I simply move on. I do not leave argumentive comments. If the subject matter is something I feel strongly about I may post about it on my own blog.
In the past I have left my blog open for comments in agreement or disagreement of my convictions, however I have learned this can ruin a blog for many readers, so I will no longer allow 'hit-and-run' troll's to dump their nasties here.