Holy Tornado

To see the soul of your comrade listen carefully to his music.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


It seems I have opened another can of worms by sharing my opinion of the Minutemen in Whatcom County.
I believe in what they are doing and I back them. They are making a statement, just like many protesters do every day. My prayer is that the government will see that our borders are miserably unsafe and secure them as they have promised.

The negative comments of one young man have only shone a brighter light on the serious problem we have with those who do not see the word 'illegal' when we speak of some aliens, but group them together, legal and illegal as though there is no difference.
They apparently have not done their homework and do not know that 'terrorists' are coming through our borders illegally. The same terrorists that made 9-11 a nightmare we will not forget, and the same terrorists who would love the opportunity to blow up Americans including those who condone illegal aliens .

For the record, I have no prejudice within my soul. I descend from many nationalities and respect them all. I also respect the laws of the United States of America, which have been created so we as a people can live together UNDER GOD, in harmony, without fear of annhilation by some misguided terrorist. Laws are made for our protection, not to be broken. When they are broken there must be correction. This stands for Americans as well as aliens, illegal or otherwise.

A law is only as good as it's enforcement. Anyone coming through the borders without clearance is breaking the law. We need more enforcement to back up that law, and we need it immediately.

I do not use illegal drugs, and do not purchase drugs outside the USA.
I love my country and I voted for President Bush. I do not agree with every decisision he has made but continue to pray for guidance for him as well as all of our political leaders.

For all who think it is unfair to make aliens go by the laws of the United States of America. Did you ever wonder why they want to leave their own country so badly. Did you ever consider that it may be in part because of the same lawlessness they are practicing as they sneak through our border crossings?

If you want to live in America, live by our rules and laws or stay in your own country.