Holy Tornado

To see the soul of your comrade listen carefully to his music.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

More Katrina

These past few days, the war in Iraq has taken a back seat to the Katrina tragedy. The media is totally absorbed as well as many blogs.
There has been a lot of mud slinging. "Bush didn't do", "Bush did," "The Mayor should have" or "shouldn't ." Now there are complaints that there was no preparation.

I believe President Bush is doing all he can. I also believe the Mayor and other city officials are doing their best considering they must be in shock and probably not able to think clearly at this time. Our brain shuts down when we are seeing corpses float by our windows. No one has a right to point fingers at these leaders.

What I am wondering is how can one be prepared for such a thing. What sort of plans can be made to evacuate the thousands of people who refuse to leave until the hurricane is ripping the roofs off.
How do you move Thousands of people on a few highways in such a short period of time and especially in that sort of chaos?

I guess most of all I am just very disappointed that even in this awful time, brother has come against brother and stumbling blocks are being placed for our leaders.
This is America. We are supposed to stand together and help one another.

My heart goes out to everyone touched by this awful thing and I pray they never have to experience anything like it again.
God Bless All