Holy Tornado

To see the soul of your comrade listen carefully to his music.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Master Gardner

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This morning, camera in hand, I waded through a patch of posies to get a picture of a painted Lady. I got several shots and didn't realize until I turned to leave, that the flowers were covered with hundreds of honeybees. I'm not afraid of bees, but my heart did thump a bit harder than usual when I realized I was surrounded by this stinging army.

When I escaped the busy pollen gatherers I sat in my lawn swing and watched the little critters in my back yard.
I got to thinking about how our heavenly Father has decorated His earth with such a variety of life. Trees, grasses, flowers, and thousands of different kinds of critters.

Throughout the year he decorates the trees and bushes with colorful leaves, birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and all the other cute things for us to enjoy. In the spring and summer there are innumerable blossoms of every shape and color. New life is everywhere.
In Autumn, colorful leaves, grasses, moss and nuts cover the ground like a patchwork quilt.

He sends his wind so we can see the trees dance and sway their branches as if they are conducting an orchestra our ears cannot hear.
In the early morning the birds sing their devotionals and again in the late evening just before darkness of night falls, we hear their evening songs.

In the cool winter months, He sends snowflakes, each one unique, an artistic design created by His holy hand, and icicles to sparkle and gleam in the sun. He gives us snow peaked mountains that become rainbows as the sun sets and rivers, lakes, streams and oceans to sparkle as they move in the sun and glow with ethereal mysticism in the cool moonlight.

He is the Master Gardner. We, his children are His helpers.

We hire backhoe's, and D-9's to dig and scrape the earth to our specifications. We plant every variety of tree and shrub, and flowering thing. We rake and pull weeds, pile rock and spread gravel. We design and create flower gardens and fish ponds. We plant willows to gracefully dip their long, slender branches into the ponds and use special clippers to trim it all to our liking.

We also scrape the flesh from our knuckles as we pile cinder blocks to build walls, rub the skin from the palms of our hands from raking, crack our shins on the wheelbarrow, become a pincushion for rose thorns, and dislocate our shoulder from trying to remove old stumps by hand.

In the evening we sit with band-aids and antibiotic ointment, to cover the blisters, scrapes, cuts and pricks. Ice packs and heating pads, for the herniated disc's while we are thanking the Lord for Tylenol.

I have often wondered why we do this. Today I believe I learned the answer.
I want to be in the Garden Of Eden.
(without the serpent if you please)