Holy Tornado

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Mama's rant

Since Katrina's savage attack I have seen, heard and read so much that it makes my head spin!
All of the 'should have' and 'shouldn't have' remarks, blaming this one and that one. It's all such a waste of time.
No one plans a hurricane and no one can stop one.
I don't believe any amount of planning could completely prepare a city for such a devastating tragedy anyway but certainly could have saved some lives.
I agree there should have been an evacuation plan and anyone able to drive should have been able to use any available vehicle to drive residents to safety. There should never be a question about that when it comes to saving lives.
Many situations that could have made it a safer place were overlooked, or most likely ignored. Isn't it all about money afterall?

However, the residents knew there was not a plan for such an emergency and chose to reside there regardless. They knew the levees were not strong, and understood that flooding could happen.
When they were warned of the impending disaster many residents refused to leave, for a variety of reasons, none of which should be more important than life.
Because of their refusal to leave many hero's risked their own lives to try and save them.
(I am not referring to those who were unable to leave for financial or health reasons)

"The government was too slow in acting" , "FEMA didn't" , "FEMA did," "The mayor should have" ..... all this may be true, and I hope something is learned by it all, but what is bothering me right now is the seemingly unappreciative, and demanding attitude of so many, who I see angrily screaming into the reporter's cameras, "We ain't got no food, we ain't got no water, Ain't noone care bout us folk!" Then brushing teeth in the fetid water. What was that supposed to prove, or was it solely for the benefit of the photographer. Are these things deliberately being shown for some reason?

Whatever is done it seems its never enough. I pray to the good Lord that if I am ever in a situation like that, I will be grateful for what ever help I receive, and not shake my fist and make demands at those who are trying to help me.

I also pray that if I am told to evacuate I will do so, and not end up clinging to the rooftop of my house, expecting someone to risk their life to save me because I was too stubborn to leave when I was told to.

I am still apalled that they wouldn't leave the Astrodome until their food and water was cut off. You couldn't pry them out with a crowbar, even though they knew that life threatening disease was about to overtake them.

Is this what it is like in a horrible disaster? Do people just loose all common sense and behave like imbeciles?
Maybe we lose our reasoning power when we are so terrified because of shock. I don't have the answers.

I am truly sorry for those people who are suffering, and pray they will relocate to a safer place and build a better life.