Holy Tornado

To see the soul of your comrade listen carefully to his music.

Friday, September 02, 2005


Several years ago, while visiting my daughter in SanDiego, I had my first experience with the Santa Anna, and nearly melted.
While my daughter and her husband were at work, their two children and I sat on the covered patio and dumped water on ourselves and each other, to keep cool.
We were standing on flagstone, and eventually I noticed some strange looking bugs come crawling out. When I brought this to my grandchildren's attention, they screamed, "Roaches," and ran into the house. (I had never seen a roach)

I can't help notice the similarity between these roaches and the dishonest looters who have been flushed out from the flooding caused by Katrina.

Some of them say they steal because they are poverty stricken. That's a lie. They steal because it is in their heart to do so. Katrina Aftermath just makes it easier. These people were dishonest before Katrina and will continue to be long after and will use any excuse they can think of, all of which are just that, 'an excuse.' There is no excuse for dishonesty.

When my grandchildren came back out to the patio, they brought cans of insect spray and went to work eliminating the unwanted roaches.
Smart grandkids I have.

Ken over at Squamata Report has written an excellent post concerning Katrina & looters. Go on over and get yourself educated.

My prayers continue for the honest people who have been devastated by Katrina, and for the salvation of all who have seen the awesome destructive forces in which we as humans have absolutely no power.
Get your eternal reservation made. None of us is promised tomorrow.