Holy Tornado

To see the soul of your comrade listen carefully to his music.

Saturday, August 06, 2005


On a cold winter's eve when the snow lay heavy upon the earth and tall evergreen's bowed beneath the frosty, white mounds, I walked slowly in the quiet, dark of night through the stillness of the deep forest, looking for my friend.
Not knowing what may be lurking in the dark shadows behind the thick tree trunks. I could see nothing, but I knew something was there. I could feel it in every fiber of my soul.

I stopped and strained my ears but there was no sound. so I slowly began to walk again, hearing only the sound of ice-crusted snow softly crunching beneath my bare feet. I had run the first mile and now as I walked, my feet began to sting from cold as my breath clouded around my face. Even in the crisp air I felt rivulets of perspiration running down into into my eyes.

Fear, incredible fear triggering my adrenal glands had pumped huge amounts of adrenalin into my blood stream. My heart pounded wildly in my breast as I felt the hot blood surging through my arteries.I had never known this kind of fear. My eyes were darting in every direction, knowing it was out there somewhere, in the cold, dark night, stalking, watching, waiting.

Tears stung my eyes as thoughts of hopelessness and dispair filled my emotions to overflowing. I was alone, so alone, and I was being hunted. I could feel it. It was in the air I breathed, the odor of my own fear filled my nostrils. I only knew that what ever pursued me was the very essence of evil. A wicked tormenter, bent on destroying me.My thoughts hastened my footsteps and mounting fear quickened my pace into a trot. A fresh surge of energy triggered by the ugly fear, made me break into a wild, run, slapping at stifly frozen branches and underbrush, the sharp sting of pine needles whipping and scratching my face and arms, leaving red welts and bloody scratches, pulling at my hair and finally tangling around my aching ankles.

I fell face down into the hard packed snow, sobbing uncontrollably now and trembling violently. I lay there for a short time, until I began to have that familiar, "I'm being watched" feeling again. I held my breath, listening. Terrified to move, I remained perfectly still, not moving a single muscle. Then I heard it. A sound not human and not animal, a whining growl that made me clench my teeth, slowly I turned my head toward the sound not knowing how close it might be, and then it happened..................................