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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Saturated fats!

In an effort to lower my cholesterol and prayerfully loose some weight, I picked up a container of "NEW IMPROVED PROMISE LITE MARGERINE: Trusting that the makers of this product know what they are doing. I did not read the ingredients but I did read the nutrition facts and was impressed.
This morning as I was buttering my toast I read the ingredient panel and was disgusted to learn that this margerine contains four types of oil, two of which are Palm oil, which is 49% saturated and palm kernel oil, which is 81 % saturated. These are considered vegetable oils, so don't be fooled. A product listing ingredients can just say 'vegetable oils' and you may be getting one of these, or coconut oil wich is more saturated than the palm oils. I want to know how they can use such highly saturated oils in our food and call it healthy?

On top of the saturated oils, margerines have several ingredients I never heard of, and can't even pronounce.
They say that Hydrochloride is Vitamin B6, and Cyanocobalamin is vitamin B12. Why don't they just say Vitamins B-6 and B-12? Are these some kind of synthetic or chemical vitamin substitute that our body can't assimilate?
It bothers me to be ingesting things when I don't know what they are.
So I will have my toast dry in the future.

I am more convinced than ever that the safest way to stay healthy is to eat veggies, fruit and grain.
Is chocolate a vegetable or grain?