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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

KIDS & CARDS (dedicated to my Patty-Jo)

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I found this cute frog and had to get it for patty-jo, who loves these little amphibians. This one plays it's guitar and occassionally croaks, while singing Kenny Rogers, Gambler.

As I drove home I got to thinking about the similarities of kids & cards. This is what I came up with.
(I wish I knew how to put music with my posts!!)

"Having kids is sort of like playing a game of cards.
You never know what kind of hand you will be dealt, but you have to play it out as best you can.
I liked to run my fingers over their silky newness, their fragrance was intoxicating. Unfortunately we had a lot of PENOCHLE back then.
The ACES, DEUCES and TREY'S and up to the pre teen's were easy, but when the teens started coming, I had second thoughts and was ready to THROW IN MY HAND.

Sometimes we get a KING and once in a while we are dealt a QUEEN. Most of us have learned that any of our decks can have a JACK-ass at any given moment and there is usually at least one JOKER in the deck.

Some of my CARDS made me FLINCH at times and that's when they learned about SLAPJACK and 52 PICKUP, but when they were good they got to go FISH.
Too much time with my deck made me RUMMY and could throw me into a PIT of depression, but the worst times were when the QUEEN had a ROYAL FLUSH.

There was a lot of TRIVIAL PURSUIT when the QUEENS decided to SWAP jackets, but their RAGE soon subsided when THREE OF A KIND found their HEARTS. UNO how it is.
You can get quite a GAME going when your ACE disappears and you are making every RANDOM QUEST known, to no avail, and feel like a ROOKie.
Something always comes along to BRIDGE the gap and eventually your WILD CARD returns.
They all save FACE and there are no OLD MAIDS in the DECK.
I was very happy with all my CARDS but the gal down the road had a heck of a time with her CRAZY EIGHT and the neighbors had to pass with their FIVE CARD STUD.

When you are playing with a FULL HOUSE, there is never a FREECELL
but before you know it your CARDS are all PLAYED and it's time for SOLITARE.

Ya gotta know when to hold em'
Ya gotta know when to fold em'
Know when to walk away,
And know when to run.