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Saturday, July 02, 2005

4th Of July Girls!

Today I had a delightful visit with my grandson David and his three little girls. David is doing an incredible job of raising his children without their mother present. His love and devotion are admirable. I cannot express how very proud I am of this special young man. God bless him and his sweet family!

After visiting for a while I got David's permission to take some pictures of his two oldest girls. The baby, Madalyn, was a bit grumpy from teething.
I grabbed the kids, my camera and the flag off my front porch and had some fun.

Julia 7 years old, held old Glory high and without prompting began reciting the Pledge of Allegiance "WITH GOD," while Hailee, 4, sang "London Bridge Is Falling Down!
I certainly got a kick out of this.
Little Hailee had no way of knowing and couldn't have cared that her little song was so politically correct.
The "bridge of control" that the British tried to span from England to America, did fall down. That is precisely why we have an Independence day.
And Julia, just on this earth for seven years already knows about the love of God and County and the privilege of being an American.
Children aren't born knowing these things. They must be taught. Great job David!
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