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Monday, May 02, 2005

Tag Poem Meme

The American Warmonger has tagged me with this poetry meme.
I am supposed to write my own poem using his line, "a turd in the punch bowl' in the first and third lines of the first stanza of my poem. The rest is whatever my brain can come up with.

I am to tag three people to do the same.
So...Patty Jo, I know, I know you hate this stuff. Why don't you have Johnny help. It can be a sort of family project.
Miss Patriot, you can do it, I know you can! Ask mom for her input. You will have a blast.
And aimeebreanne. you are very talented in writing too.
Just have fun!
Let me know when you have posted your poem.

Here's my tag poem.

Odorous Poetry

A turd in a punch bowl,
That’s what he said,
A turd in the punch bowl,
Turned my face red.

I’ve been tagged to write a poem,
So I’ve tried to get inspired,
I’ve wracked my brain inside out,
But fear it has misfired.

All clever thoughts elude me,
Not one will come to rest,
The fear of utter failure,
Lies heavy in my breast.

I must please the Warmonger,
Of whom you all have heard,
He wrote about a punch bowl,
And a nasty little turd.

Well I don’t care for turdy punch,
So will change the gross effect,
And rhyme about the wind instead,
And it’s curious introspect.

We know not from whence it comes,
Nor from whence it goes,
We only know that in the bath,
Loud bubbles forth it blows.

So I suspect that in the punch,
If it were to obtain,
That punch would be be-bubbled,
The illusion of Champagne.

Oh what distasteful thing to do,
To trick your trusting drinkers,
Who think they have the best champagne,
But find it reeks of stinkers.