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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Rubber Boa Snake

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This isn't a very good picture. It was taken back in 1980. This little snake was caught by my brother-in-law, who lived next door to me, as it was crawling into his daughter's room through a tiny opening in the woodwork.

This snake looks and feels like rubber. (No! I did not touch it.)
Growing 12 to 33 inches long with very small eyes and a blunt tail. It has a small head so unless you are close enough to see its eyes you can't tell one end from the other.
They are a shiny brown or greenish color with a lighter colored belly,
a burrowing reptile which usually forages near a water source.

After mating around May, they give live birth to as many as eight light tan or pinkish colored young in late fall.
They are nocturnal which is most likely why they are not often seen.
Their prey includes small rodents, salamanders, snakes and other small animals which they suffocate in their constricting coils. They are not poisonous, but then they don't have to be if they can 'scare' you to death.

I am just wondering if anyone else knows about Rubber Boas. Talk to me