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Monday, April 25, 2005

Terror In The Womb

I watched a horrifying video this morning at ProLifeBlogs.com.
The Hard Truth About Abortion is nearly impossible to watch. I had to turn away more than once. It made me nauseated, It broke my heart and made me cry, and it made me very, very angry.
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We have all heard certain things about abortion, and maybe even seen a few pictures of these helpless infants that have been butchered by some heartless abortionist, but if you are like me, you never let it completely penetrate your brain because it is too ‘awful' to contemplate.

Ordinarily I would not encourage anyone to view something so absolutely awful, but this time I believe that by seeing what is REALLY happening to these helpless infants, and they are indeed infants, we will feel much stronger about fighting abortion

These little aborted babies were bruised, showing that they were alive at the time they were savagely torn into pieces and pulled from their place of creation.
How can anyone condone this barbaric act?
How can a doctor or nurse go home and look at his or her own children. They should be consumed with guilt and remorse!

I have always hated abortion and have done whatever I could to stop it.
However since it was legalized and has been taking place for so many years, I believe we have become too complacent and just shook our heads and felt there was not much we could do about it. Well, that attitude is sick! It’s just a step away from acceptance.

We can’t just sit back and let this continue.
We must fight in every way possible. Pray like you have never prayed before. Pray as if you were praying for your own child’s life.
Contact your local Pro-Life office and ask what you can do to help bring this legalized murder to a halt. Then act on it!

After watching this ‘horror movie’ I found myself crying out to the Lord for an answer. I asked him to show us how to fight this insanity.
We are fighting terrorism all over the world, as we should, and we applaud our war heros, but we must not forget the heinous acts of terrorism that are taking place at the rate of thousands a day, in abortion clinics in our own towns.

A very wise lady once told me that when a nation begins to kill its babies that nation has just bought a ticket to hell. I believe it.

We have to fight harder than ever to stop this hideous thing. We are not fighting just the doctors and nurses who perform this wickedness, or the self centered men and women who use abortion as birth control, or the legislators who approved it.
Our main battle is against the enemy, who would have enjoyed seeing you and I ripped into pieces and torn from our mother’s womb also.