Holy Tornado

To see the soul of your comrade listen carefully to his music.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Some Thoughtful Ramblings

Did you see the little girl in jeans and sneakers, who knows she is a beautifully gowned ballerina, dancing gracefully among the willows in a mossy glen? She does not know her stumbles or ungraceful movements.
Oblivious to the bump on her knee, runny nose and crashing into the sofa. She only knows she is dancing the most perfect ballet.

And how about the freckled preschool boy, dressed only in undershorts with mama's tablecloth tied around his neck, charging defiantly into unknown terror while shrieking threats to unseen enemies. He bravely rides his mama's broom handle, a long stem of wilted grass in his dimpled hand is his trusty sword. He is a knight in full armor, charging into battle to protect his mama, who screams in terror at the sight of a mouse.

Did you notice the dignified little grandma lady sitting on the sandy beach looking out over the endless sea? And did you happen to see when she set aside her purse, and lay on her back in the sand and made a sand angel, because behind her gray hair and wrinkled skin there lives a little girl?

I smiled at the ancient, hobbling grandfather, dressed in a dark suit, who laid aside his cane and stepped onto a scooter laying beside the walk, and with a wrap around grin, took an exciting ride down the street, because behind his glasses and pacemaker, a little boy remembered 'when.'

My heart laughed with them, when I saw the very old couple, all gums, no teeth, heads thrown back, laughing heartily just because laughing is fun and teeth don't matter.

How about you? Have you ever danced a crazy dance from your heart, allowing the joy to have your feet, just because your soul was so filled with happiness there had to be an outlet or you would explode ?

This is called 'living.' Don't miss out.