Holy Tornado

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Friday, April 08, 2005

The New Home

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..…”Come-on Beulah, it’s time to go house hunting again.”
Together they climb over the mossy rocks, walk through the grassy glens and fern forest until they come to the newest condos around. “Looky Bergdorff! See how beautiful they are and such a lovely color too. Oh just look at this nice tall one. There are no holes in the roof and the entrance is perfect, not too slimy to climb like the other place. I sure get tired of boosting all the buglet’s.”
Bergdorff looks it over, “shucks Beulah, there must be a hundred bedrooms under this roof. More than enough for our tribe. Want I should make a deal?”
Ohhhh Bergdorff! Do you really think you can?
“No problem babe, you go get the swarm, and I’ll take care of it. It’s a done deal!”
She runs to him and throws her front legs around his neck, giving him a slurpy kiss, then skitters off to gather her buglet’s.

Bergdorff struts his stuff into the office of Mr. Osama ben Aphid, and takes care of business. Then he thumbs through the records and learns most of the new condos have been purchased by Mr. Aphid 's families. “Well, I sure ain’t prejudice"
Leaving the office, he smiled with satisfaction as he loosend his belt a notch all the while thinking, "I will be taking the family out to dinner a lot in this new place."
Beulah returned with their excited family and they all investigated every new room and practiced climbing the entrance until it was time for dinner, which their papa happily provided. At bedtime Beulah tucked them all in and they drifted off into insect dreamland, and they all lived happily ever…uh….er….well, until Mountain Mama ran them over with the new riding mower.

Beulah was a Ladybug. Bergdorff was a-a-well, he was a man ladybug. They really enjoyed all the aphid families.