Holy Tornado

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Friday, April 22, 2005

Meet Sir.Toodles Tutley

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Last year for Mother's Day my family gave me this little Yorkie pup as a surprise. I had always wanted a Yorkie so he is a very precious gift. We all knew that dear old Barney was getting pretty old and wouldn't be with us much longer, but while he was here he and Toodles had a great time together. It looked sort of funny to see a big Mastiff mix breed and a tiny yorkie playing and I was really concerned at first that one of Barney's big paws might land on the pup and hurt him. Well I didn't have to worry about that. More than once I saw Barney fall on his achy old butt rather than loose his balance and hurt his little buddy. Even when he was tired and in pain from arthritis, he still played with his little friend. We could take lessons from him. After Barney was gone little Toodles was very depressed and wasn't eating well, didn't want to play with his toys, he just wanted to lay around and sleep. Then came Miss Tildy.....