Holy Tornado

To see the soul of your comrade listen carefully to his music.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


After posting yesterday, I got on the phone and made several calls, to find a ProLife group in my town and learn what I can do to help stop abortion.
I urge you to do the same, even if you are not able to participate in everything they do, there is always 'something' you can do to help even if it is just a $5 donation each month. That is about the price of a coffee, and it may save a life.

In my town are several organizations which provide education to those considering abortion. They usually need volunteers to help educate expectant mothers.
Many girls don't know about the alternatives, and most are completely ignorant about the fact that there is a real little baby growing inside them, as they have been brainwashed into believing it is just a tiny mass of blood clots.

Four thousand two hundred abortions a day are performed in the United States. Most of these women are between the ages of 13 and 25. Rape and incest being the cause of less than one percent of abortions.
It appears that many abortions are taking place because another form of birth control was not used, even though it is free for the asking.
Obviously we need to focus more on making facts available to these girls.

If we work together and do our part, no matter how small it may seem, we can make a difference.
Every life has value.