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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Exercising My Freedom Of Speech

As we wait and pray for the outcome of Terri Schiavo’s horrifying situation, the case of another little girl is sharing the news.
The kidnap and murder of nine-year-old Jessica Marie Lunsford has ripped at the heart of every human being who is capable of compassion. This beautiful, innocent child was snatched from the security of her own home by registered sex offender, John Couey, who has been arrested 24 times in the past 30 years, and had admitted to stealing the innocence of several children by sexually molesting them. Only God knows how many other children he may have killed.

Why was he released? The answer is generally, “the prisons are over crowded, and we can’t keep them all.” A common sense solution is simply a life for a life. Not in 20 years, but the very day it is decreed.
When a criminal is caught with a concealed weapon the proper authorities confiscate that weapon and it is not returned to the criminal.
At one time it seemed to me that if a man uses his genitals as a weapon, said weapon should be removed, and not returned, as well.
Further research has led me to believe that sex offenders only use their genitals as a weapon and the real problem is in their soul. There is a wickedness dwelling within their being they refuse to be rid of, not caring how many lives they destroy.
I compare this to someone who uses a gun to take a life, the gun didn’t walk up to the victim and pull it’s own trigger. The person BEHIND the gun is the problem. If he didn’t have a gun he might use a club or axe or even a butcher knife. The weapon is innocent. The jerk holding it is at fault. (Another common sense issue)

Pedophiles enjoy what they do or they wouldn’t be doing it. They know it is wrong so they sneak and lie.
Excuses are made for these criminals such as, “oh the poor guy was molested when he was a kid and he can’t help it’ (Many pedophiles refuse treatment. Why are they even given a choice?)
Or, “It’s a sickness, he can’t help it,” (Cancer is a sickness, molesting children is a CHOICE!)
When the judicial system begins to expect criminals to take responsibility for their own actions, and make the punishment fit the crime, there won’t be so much crime.
Then you hear the offender’s excuses, “She smiled at me and I thought she wanted me to do it,” (I have heard this one concerning a six month old baby girl found dead with her internal organs shredded.) Or how about this one, ”I drank too much and thought it was my wife.”

There is no end to the lies perpetrated by child molesters. What is so disgustingly shocking is that many judges, who we have been taught to trust, take pity on the molester as they whine out their lies, and let them off easy.
I believe that before a judge is allowed to make a judgment on any case where a child has been molested, raped or killed, he should be required to view the body and read the medical report, and or listen to the child’s account. (In my opinion, when a judge releases one of these perverts, and he offends a second time, both the pervert and the judge should share the same punishment, preferably death. Perhaps our judges would be more conscientious.
We don’t need judges who sympathize with the pedophiles, rapists and murders, we need Godly men and women who desire justice for the victims.

We have been hardened by the many instances similar to little Jessica’s. It has become far too commonplace. It's time we put our foot down and say, no more. Our children have the right to lie in their own bed at night without having to be fearful of being kidnapped, raped and killed. We must do something to stop this insanity. Every child is a potential victim, even yours.
God bless and sustain Jessica’s family and all the families who have had to endure this heinous injustice because of leniency to the pedophiles and rapists. And God help us to turn our system around so there will truly be Justice for all.