Holy Tornado

To see the soul of your comrade listen carefully to his music.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

I have tried several times to think of something to post concerning the injustice surrounding Terri Schiavo's passing, but it seems pointless. People with the Love of God in their hearts will feel pain and compassion for those who loved her, those who advocate the disposal of the disabled will do whatever it is they do.
Everything that needs to be said has already been printed and reprinted.
I am horrified at the entire handling if Terri's case, as are millions .
Her death has not been in vain. The people of the world are going to be taking a much closer look at their laws concerning such circumstances.
I pray there will be many major changes soon, and we will never have to see this sort of ugly execution again in this land of freedom, and JUSTICE FOR ALL.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

A Blessed Resurrection Day To All

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Although our hearts are heavy for Terri and her family, it is still a time of celebration.
For through the loving sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ, Terri as well as all believers will have eternal life in the presence of our Heavenly Father.

There will be no more pain, no hunger or thirst. All sadness will be left behind as we leave our worn and broken bodies and find the freedom and peace our spirit has longed for.

Please keep Terri and those who love her in your prayers, and pray for the salvation of her enemies, our troops and our country.
God Bless all

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


brain death
Total cessation of brain function for 24 hours as manifested by absence of spontaneous movement, absence of spontaneous respiration, and absence of all brainstem reflexes.
(notice the 'and' between functions, not 'or.' this means ALL the above must be in effect)

In view of the fact that Terri Schiavo laughs, cried when it was explained to her that her feeding tube would be removed and she would die, responds with huge smiles at her parents, is able to follow movement with her eyes, speaks, (yes SPEAKS), although her vocabulary is limited because her husband won't allow her therapy, she has asked "help-me" many times, and tells doctors to "Stop" when they are doing procedures which are apparently painful. These are just a few examples.
Terri also breathes on her own and according to reports from a neurologist who examined her, she is also able to receive nourishment orally, but again her husband won't not allow it.

If Terri's condition is what some doctors consider brain death, we have a serious problem. It is good that this has been brought to public awareness, because millions have a living will. I am about to make one myself and you can be certain that I will be very specific concerning what I consider brain death. I urge you to do the same.

Please continue to bombard the heavens with prayers for this innocent young woman, and her loving family.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Spirit Of The Forest

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I love walking in the woods just before sunset. Breathing deeply the fragrance of moist earth and mosses, mingled with the evergreens warm perfume from the days sun.
The evening song of the birds echoing through the trees, and the call of a hawk in the distance break the peaceful silence, and dance through the ferns and trilliums on a gentle breeze.
They are one with this place. Their voice belongs here.
I walk slowly and quietly not to make a sound that might alter the atmosphere.
The setting sun casts beams of glory through the tree branches and shimmers over the tall ferns, creating a wonderland which captures my imagination.
My Father walks with me. silently. I know He loves the forest as I do.
I breathe in the glorious, beautiful peace, and it becomes a part of me.

More Truth

(BP) News March 21, 2005
by Joni B. Hannegan

Renowned neurologist:
Schiavo can eat with aid & is not in ‘persistent vegetative state’
PINELLAS PARK, Fla. (BP)--A doctor close to the Terri Schiavo case told the Florida Baptist Witness that the 41-year-old disabled woman could actually be fed orally if it were allowed."The important thing for people to understand is that she can eat and swallow right now,” said William Hammesfahr, a neurologist who has examined Schiavo. He is in many of the videos circulated through the news media showing that Schiavo is at times responsive and aware."They are truly withholding food from a person who is awake, alert, and can eat and swallow,” Hammesfahr said. After spending at least 10 hours with Schiavo several years ago, he told Florida Judge George W. Greer that she can improve with therapy.

Hammesfahr said his credibility had been questioned at the time, but he has since been vindicated in court and currently maintains a thriving private practice in Clearwater, Fla. Despite reports attacking him, he said he has never lost his license to practice medicine and currently is involved in litigation surrounding the ordeal.
See more at"

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Exercising My Freedom Of Speech

As we wait and pray for the outcome of Terri Schiavo’s horrifying situation, the case of another little girl is sharing the news.
The kidnap and murder of nine-year-old Jessica Marie Lunsford has ripped at the heart of every human being who is capable of compassion. This beautiful, innocent child was snatched from the security of her own home by registered sex offender, John Couey, who has been arrested 24 times in the past 30 years, and had admitted to stealing the innocence of several children by sexually molesting them. Only God knows how many other children he may have killed.

Why was he released? The answer is generally, “the prisons are over crowded, and we can’t keep them all.” A common sense solution is simply a life for a life. Not in 20 years, but the very day it is decreed.
When a criminal is caught with a concealed weapon the proper authorities confiscate that weapon and it is not returned to the criminal.
At one time it seemed to me that if a man uses his genitals as a weapon, said weapon should be removed, and not returned, as well.
Further research has led me to believe that sex offenders only use their genitals as a weapon and the real problem is in their soul. There is a wickedness dwelling within their being they refuse to be rid of, not caring how many lives they destroy.
I compare this to someone who uses a gun to take a life, the gun didn’t walk up to the victim and pull it’s own trigger. The person BEHIND the gun is the problem. If he didn’t have a gun he might use a club or axe or even a butcher knife. The weapon is innocent. The jerk holding it is at fault. (Another common sense issue)

Pedophiles enjoy what they do or they wouldn’t be doing it. They know it is wrong so they sneak and lie.
Excuses are made for these criminals such as, “oh the poor guy was molested when he was a kid and he can’t help it’ (Many pedophiles refuse treatment. Why are they even given a choice?)
Or, “It’s a sickness, he can’t help it,” (Cancer is a sickness, molesting children is a CHOICE!)
When the judicial system begins to expect criminals to take responsibility for their own actions, and make the punishment fit the crime, there won’t be so much crime.
Then you hear the offender’s excuses, “She smiled at me and I thought she wanted me to do it,” (I have heard this one concerning a six month old baby girl found dead with her internal organs shredded.) Or how about this one, ”I drank too much and thought it was my wife.”

There is no end to the lies perpetrated by child molesters. What is so disgustingly shocking is that many judges, who we have been taught to trust, take pity on the molester as they whine out their lies, and let them off easy.
I believe that before a judge is allowed to make a judgment on any case where a child has been molested, raped or killed, he should be required to view the body and read the medical report, and or listen to the child’s account. (In my opinion, when a judge releases one of these perverts, and he offends a second time, both the pervert and the judge should share the same punishment, preferably death. Perhaps our judges would be more conscientious.
We don’t need judges who sympathize with the pedophiles, rapists and murders, we need Godly men and women who desire justice for the victims.

We have been hardened by the many instances similar to little Jessica’s. It has become far too commonplace. It's time we put our foot down and say, no more. Our children have the right to lie in their own bed at night without having to be fearful of being kidnapped, raped and killed. We must do something to stop this insanity. Every child is a potential victim, even yours.
God bless and sustain Jessica’s family and all the families who have had to endure this heinous injustice because of leniency to the pedophiles and rapists. And God help us to turn our system around so there will truly be Justice for all.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Well, I have just had my first ‘Troll’ experience, and must say it was all rather interesting. First of all, my blog hasn’t seen this much action before. Only the passing of Gus & Gertie came close.
Secondly my family coming to bat for me gave me an editorial hug and Jeremy’s expertise brought the trolls uneducated blabbering to a screeching halt.

Thirdly, reading the trolls comments gave me a small peek into the brain of one who does not value life unless it meets ‘his’ standards. These are a people who will use any means to rid society of whomever ‘they’ deem undesirable.
Hitler shared this mentality.

Will the day come when John Smith has a compound fracture of the tibia, which has not healed properly and he will never have full use of his leg. He is a cripple……Euthanasia.
Jane Doe is disabled with bi polar, and schizophrenia, uncontrolled with medications…..Euthanasia.
A child is blinded by chemicals, she will never regain her sight…… Euthanasia.
Two Michael’s and a Troll have penile dysfunction, and will never perform again…… Euthanasia.

These are far-fetched examples, but I think you can see what I am getting at.
Sure, it sounds totally unbelievable.
Not long ago, Euthanasia was also unbelievable.
Unborn babies and elderly are already being killed because they are not wanted or because it is believed they are no longer useful to society.
Every creation has a purpose.

I have added Mr. Troll to my prayer list.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

More About Terri

Tom Brodersen, Friend to Terri
was allowed time with Terri from Sept 2002 to Nov 2002. He tells about his time with her. If you have not already read his article please do.
I am more convinced than ever that with proper care Terri could be rehabilitated and live a happy life.
I am horrified and angered at those who want to torture and murder her.
Judge Greer should have stepped down from this case long ago. He has admitted he is tired of it. Send him on a long vacation to Iraq and slam her husband in prison for attempted murder. Prosecute his attorney for aiding and abetting, then put him to work emptying bedpans at a local hospital for the disabled for the rest of his life.
And for crying out loud, don’t allow any of these scumbags to collect money or notoriety by using this dear young woman’s story. Yeah-yeah, I know, Freedom Of Speech.
Didn’t there used to be some kind of law someplace that if someone lied to take another person's life, his or her tongue was cut out?
Well there should be!
Ok I’m done for now. I think.
Time for prayer

Friday, March 11, 2005

Poppy Anemone

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I grew this perennial Anemone for the first time last year and like it so well I plan to get several more. It bloomed most of the summer and is a very showy plant.

Not A 747

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Last fall this little spider was on the front deck. It has red spots on it's sides which are not visable from this angle. When my camera got too close this little guy reared up on his haunches and tried to look as big and threatening as he could. He sort of looked like a 747 ready for take-off.
I think it is a cute litttle critter.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Frosty Lawn

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A bug's view of a frosty lawn. A very cold bug.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Send A Letter

McCain-Feingold are attempting to put a stop to political blogging therefore revoking our right to Freedom Of Speech!
See Texasbug's blog to learn more about this and to send a letter of opposition to your Senator and Representative.


Good Bye Old Friend

He was not a high priced show dog, he had no fancy pedigree, and never won a blue ribbon. He never went to the groomer, obedience or training schools, he was rather slobbery, insisted the toilet bowl was his personal watering hole and shed without ceasing. On top of all that he had an obnoxious doggy odor that constant bathing could not eliminate.

I first heard about him when I was visiting Patty-Jo in Minnesota. Another daughter called to tell me their brother Shawn who was in his early 20s and lived with me, had gotten himself a puppy. I asked what kind, she said, “I think he’s part boxer and German shepherd, and the other is mastiff.” I was not familiar with ‘Mastiff’ and could only imagine ‘mastodon.’
I was not entirely wrong.

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When I met this dog for the first time, he was a roly-poly vivacious pup with a most expressive face and ‘hoochie-koochie’eyebrows. Shawn named him Barnabas, eventually shortened by me to Barney. I didn’t want to become attached so kept my distance. He was my son’s dog after all, and he might decide to give him to a friend one day. As he grew, a huge doghouse was built, and a run. He continued to grow, and larger collars and chains were needed to keep him home. He loved digging holes in the lawn and playing with his toys, but he loved it best when Shawn played with him

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One day my son asked me to care for Barnabas for a ‘few weeks.’ He had met a girl who was moving to Chicago and he wanted to go with her for a little vacation. Barnabas and I became very good friends because my son ended up getting married, traveled around a lot and wasn’t able to keep him.
Winter came and it was cold outside, so I let Barnabas stay in the house and learned about endless dog fur, dog drool on the toilet seat and sharing my overstuffed chair with a hairy monster, who when stretched out on the couch took up the entire thing. He was that big. If I weren’t such a softie, he would have been out the door. I learned to share my little house with him wondering when my son would come back to re-claim him.

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I began taking Barnabas on walks, which he loved. All one hundred twenty two pounds of him would stand tall with his head held high, and tail curled over his back. Just the look of him was threatening. Very few people ever tried to get close to him. His entire being said, “I will protect my lady with my life, wanna see?” He was awesome!
He was becoming exactly what he was created to be, companion, protector and friend. And slowly I was letting myself connect with this big hairy beast.

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He once fought off five unleashed dogs as we were out walking. As the dogs rushed me, he placed himself between them and me, growled a warning, and then took them on, flinging them through the air like so many Frisbee’s. As they all ran away whining, 'my' Barnabas strutted to my side where he stood tall and proud. That day he was Magnificent. I wished the world could have seen how valiant he had been. That was the day I began calling him ‘Sir Barnabas.” He had become my brave Knight.
We had thirteen years together for walking and playing. He always stayed by my side when I was in the gardens. My constant companion and protector once chased a cougar out of the back yard, then came in, fell on the floor with a loud thump and lay traumatized for twenty minutes when realization set in. He had only seen kitty cats before. This was a big one.
I believe he laughed when he first saw his little Chihuahua friend.

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Ten months ago Barney got a new companion. Sir Toodles Tutley, weighing in at four pounds immediately 'took' to Barney and followed him everywhere, nipping his legs and tail. Barney wasn't sure he wanted to share his home, but within a week he was totally captivated. His last months were spent sharing his food, toys, bed and his lady's love with his vivacious little buddy. Toodles loved Barney too and on Barneys bad days when he wasn't able to move around much, Toodles brought him food. toys and his favorite fuzzy blankie. I often found them curled up together sleeping.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Large dogs are prone to hip dysplasia and arthritis. Barnabas was not spared. He bravely hobbled about when he had go outside and many times I had to lift his hindquarters to help him back up the stairs. His last days were spent laying in front of the fire, eating his favorite foods, playing with his little Yorkie buddy when he felt like it, and being very loved.
In dog years, Barnabas was 95 when he left his painful old body behind and emerged the playful creation, running, galloping and prancing as in his prime.
It is hard to express the worth of a pal like Barney. He didn’t need blue ribbons or pedigrees. He was born the finest of them all.
My son said it best. “I only paid forty dollars For Barnabas and he was the best investment I ever made.

Will I see him again?
The word of Almighty God says that all things that have breath praise the Lord.
Do you believe Almighty God would banish to the pit that which worships him?
Nor do I.
Happy Tails dear old friend, till we meet again.

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March 1992-March 2005

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Petition To Impeach Judge Greer

I haven't done much blog reading the past few days but found this tonight. I don't know how long it has been available, but thought I would share for those who haven't seen it yet.


Saturday, March 05, 2005

Blue Ice

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One sunnny morning while frost was still thick I hurriedly grabbed my camera and ran outside to get some pictures. As I worked my way toward the road I saw a frozen puddle and thought it would make an interesting picture. I took several at different angles, thinking myself quite the photographer.
I went on to take many photos that morning of anything and everything that had frost or ice on it. When my fingers were frozen stiff I went inside to view my masterpieces.
I learned that we should ALWAYS check camera settings because buttons get bumped and if your camera is on the wrong setting everything can come out blue which is not exactly what I had in mind, but this one I thought was rather artistic looking.

Quick Thinking

A member of a diet club bemoaned her lack of willpower. She’d made her family’s favorite chocolate cake over the weekend, she explained, and they’d eaten half of it. The next day, however, the uneaten half beckoned. She cut herself a slice. Then another, and another. By the time she’d polished off the cake, she knew her husband would be disappointed.
“What did he say when he found out?” One club member asked. “He never found out,” she said. “I made another cake and ate half.”

Thursday, March 03, 2005

My Grandson, The King

Hey everyone, Go see my grandson American Warmonger,
the new Blog King! He has worked hard for this honorable title and it shows in his blog. He is talented , intelligent, informed and sincere. He doesn't butter up his words, and has an Irishy sense of humor.
You want news? He's got it.
You want a laugh? He's got it.
You want to cry? He's got it.
You want truth? Go check him out.
Then give him your vote.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


As I see the thousands of different toys and games available to my grand and great grandchildren today, I am really amazed at the wide variety of entertainment our children have. There are even many stores that sell nothing but toys!
There are TV games galore, Gameboy, X-Box, and Playstation, just to name a few. Computer games, Transformers, motorized scooters, remote control toys and ugly dolls, you name it and it is probably out there.

My children watched very little TV, had banana seat bikes with sissy bars, Color books, Barbi & Midge dolls and electric trains. They made their own stilts, and dug their own swimming pool. They made a lot of their own fun simply by being creative. I believe they were happy.
I taught my children that taking a walk in the woods becomes an expedition with Lewis and Clark and if we take a sandwich, it becomes a picnic with the pioneers. Running in tall grassy fields and picking canning jars full of buttercups and daisies makes mommy smile. They learned that chasing the calves teaches the calves to chase you when they have grown in to one thousand pound beasts.

When I was a little girl my sisters and I would sit on the floor in front of the tall radio-phonograph combination and listen to programs like, Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon, Inner Sanctum Mysteries, The Shadow and The Whistler, Henry Aldrich and The Lone Ranger. No form of profanity was ever heard and the word ‘sex’ was never spoken. We didn’t know what it was anyway. We were taught the three R’s at school. We were taught about sex being a Godly plan for our life by our parents when we were at an appropriate age.
I got a new doll every Christmas until I was twelve, as well as color books and crayons.
In the wintertime, comic books were our main entertainment until dad built us a sled. We rarely received any of the small variety of toys that were sold at the Five & Dime or Sears Roebuck catalog, which had pictures of beautiful dolls and wheeled toys. These gifts were only for Christmas or birthday's.

When the warmer months came, we could be found playing hopscotch on the sidewalk beside the road. We used a soft rock to scrape Hopscotch squares on the cement, and then found a flat rock to use for throwing .
When mother used up a spool of thread, the empty spool became our new bubble pipe. We would set a bar of soap in a saucer with a little water then dip the end of the spool into the water and rub it over the soap. By blowing into the opposite end we made many colorful bubbles. If we blew on the wrong end we got soap in our mouth. We learned to pay attention to what we were doing.
We cut paper dolls from newspaper and made mud pies. We raised frogs from tadpoles in mother's wash-tub, and swung from a huge rope dad tied to a Maple branch for us.

We played Kick-The-Can, Red Rover, Tug Of War and baseball. We Jumped rope with a hundred different chants like, Fudge-Fudge Tell the judge, Icca-Bacca, and Red Hot Pepper.
Hide And Seek was especially fun on summer nights. The tall grass in the fields hid us well and we could scare the ‘seeker’ out of his wits by grabbing his leg as he blindly crept beside us. I can still hear his shriek and the laughter it brought from all the hiding places.

I had not heard of television and first saw it as a young teen at the neighbors on a tiny screen. The picture was so snowy we could barely make it out but we were fascinated just the same.
I did my homework because I respected my teachers, and household chores because I loved my parents.
I had a wonderful time growing up and the lack of ‘store-bought’ junk, taught me to use my imagination, and enjoy the simpler and more important things in life.

Experience was our teacher and the back yard was our playground. Life was simpler. We were happy

My Super Sunday

On Sunday I had the rare privilege of spending the entire day with my granddaughter Brittany. We picked up sandwiches and drinks at Fairhaven's only fast-food and drove the mile or so to Chuckanut Village Bay.
I had a great time visiting with this very special young lady as we walked on the beach finding pretty shells and watching the seagulls as they flew up high and then drop clams on the rocks below to break them open so they could feast on the slimy little creatures.
The sun was shining for us and the smell of the salt water and the sound of the gulls complimented this very fine day.

Low Tide