Holy Tornado

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Friday, February 25, 2005

18 More Days

I'm sure we have all heard the news.
So Greer is now giving the Shindler's 18 more days to try and save their daughter's life.
It is looking more and more to me like this judge is a sadistic man who enjoys playing games with people's minds and lives. He says he is growing 'tired' of the never-ending proceedings in this case. If he had handled it properly in the first place he wouldn't be. The judge is tired? Give me a break! Why doesn't he simply step down and let a new judge handle Terri's case?
And what about Terri's family. I can't imagine the hell they have lived through since this all started. God help and strengthen those dear people.
I am encouraged that the AFA is now involved.
Dr. Dobson was on TV last night and he gave a good voice to the case. I was so proud of him!! He spoke like the true Christian Gentleman he is, stating the facts as we all know them, without mincing words. I hope millions heard him and will take action as we have.
Hope? Yes. As long as Terri has breath, there is hope.
Please pray for her and her family. And yes, for all involved.